Thursday, November 10, 2011

Puppet Fun

That great Melissa and Doug discount offer got me looking around their site for a fun grandkid gift from them.  We've bought tons of Melissa and Doug items over the years, and they never fail to be favorites.

Melissa and Doug Puppet Theatre
Here's what I'm considering (don't tell their dad, because he'll say it's too big!)  It's a puppet theatre!

When our kids were growing up, they would often move a piece of furniture and put on a puppet show for us.  They had a variety of stuffed animal-type puppets, but if they didn't have a puppet to fill the role, they'd just use a regular stuffed animal.  Puppets are so much fun for imaginary play. 

Here's a good article from (where, I understand, one of the columnists is actually a founder of Melissa and Doug!) about the Power of Puppets.  The author mentions that putting on a puppet show is like telling a story, so maybe puppetry promotes fiction writing.

At any rate, I'll let you know if we get the puppet theatre, and try to get some good pictures of the kids putting on a puppet show.

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