Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Making a Thanksgiving Menu

Last year's menu
One of our favorite activities with our now 6-year-old granddaughter is making menus.  She loves to plan ahead for special occasions, and last year she made a great Thanksgiving menu, which she gave out to everyone who came to dinner.  This year, we've made a new one, and printed up copies again.  There was some discussion this year about whether brisket (or brisket-chicken, as it's called around our house) and tacos were appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner.  They're tasty, of course, but I think adding on a brisket-chicken to this dinner might be a bit much.

Letting grandkids plan things like menus is so good for them.  Making a plan, writing it down, and then following it, are all helpful for giving kids the tools they need to learn self-control.  It's so nice for a young one who doesn't have a lot of control of most of their life to be able to make a plan for something important, like a holiday meal. 

Mostly, though, it's just fun.  When we've got some more time and the girls are a bit older, we'll probably encourage them to play "restaurant" and make the whole meal for us, menu and all.  We still have an old menu from when our kids did this.  The menus were always interesting and varied, although I don't think we ever had turkey, brisket, and tacos at the same meal.

I'd encourage you to try letting your grandkids in on the planning of holiday meals.  It's so much fun for them, and for you!

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