Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toys That Will Last

Jacob Maslow at has some good advice for buying toys for the long haul.

"As parents, grandparents and caregivers, we can help the children in our lives develop emotionally, socially and academically by putting thought and care into the playthings that we provide them. Simple toys like blocks, dolls and wooden vehicles are timeless classics because they allow children the freedom to use their imagination instead of having the storyline dictated to them by the toy."
 Our two older granddaughters and I built a town the other day out of Lincoln Logs, Jenga blocks (which by the way are a really terrific block, as well as a fun game), a farm set, and various rubber and plastic animals.  Buying toys that encourage the imagination, like blocks and building sets, are a terrific way to encourage imaginative play for kids who might otherwise just be interested in computer games. 

I think one of the ways we as grandparents can influence our grandkids is by teaching them the kind of creative play we did as kids.  I love the Toy Story movies for this as well - they show kids just using their imagination and thinking up new worlds for their toys to play in. 

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