Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Good Toy for your Techie Toddler

For most of us, our kids, and sometimes even our grandkids, are outpacing us, technology-wise.  For that little crawler or toddler that you love, the one who can already manipulate their parents' iPad, we would recommend the Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Click and Giggle Remote.
Our daughter reviewed this toy for her blog, and her 8-month old just loved it.  Here's a video review from an eight-month-old's perspective: 
Pretty darned enjoyable straight out of the box, and she seems to be still finding it interesting.  It's got a good chewing area (important for a teething little one), plus buttons that make a lot of different noises.  This seems like a toy that will have pretty good lasting power, as even the bigger kids seem to enjoy toys that make noise when you press their buttons.  What is it about electronic noises that make kids so happy?

Here's our take:
Durability:  Good - it hasn't fallen apart in the couple of weeks she's had it and these toys seem to be fun for bigger kids too.
Fun Factor:  Good - she's played with it quite a bit.  It's not a total showstopper, but seems pretty interesting to her still.
Wow Factor:  Not up there with a pony, but good for a little one. 
Support Me In My Old Age Factor:  Probably not the one toy they'll remember forever as the gift that was that most special birthday or Christmas moment, but a good choice for a "just because" gift, or filler Christmas or birthday gift.

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