Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reading a Book on Skype

We were Skyping with the 14-month-old the other day and even though she was in kind of a grouchy mood, she still wanted to wave and say hi to us.  One of her favorite things to do is read books, and even when she's in the worst mood, a book will cheer her up.  Her mom asked her to go get Goodnight Gorilla.  She went and got it, and turned the pages to look at each page with us.  Then she tried to hand it to me to read to her. 

I love that she feels like we're close enough on the computer to read a book to her.  Unfortunately, she's big on turning the pages herself, so grabbing one of our books and reading it to her over Skype probably isn't going to work at this point. 

Remember when we imagined TV phones?  To our grandkids, it's simple reality.  Good times.


~Kc Waddell said...

My granddaughter and I have just started video chatting over Gmail and it is so much fun! We see her often but I wish I had gotten a camera ages ago and I'm so glad her folks got her one.

Webgrandma said...

They reall add so much, don't they, KC?

Susan Adcox said...

Try a book that you have in common. That can be fun.

Webgrandma said...

Great idea, Susan - thanks and I'll let you know how it goes!