Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why I Love Valentines Day

My Baby Boy
I love Valentines Day.  The main reason is that my wonderful son was born on Valentines Day, coming up on 26 years ago.  This has made Valentines pretty special to me ever since.  We've had heart-shaped cakes and cookies, and all kinds of Valentines themes to go with his birthday, and he's always been a good sport about sharing his birthday with the sappiest of holidays.

Don't know about other grandmas, but I miss picking out and helping the kids address their school Valentines.  These days, I like to buy gifts for the girls, and of course a birthday gift for my son.

Remember the Valentines we used to give as kids?  We used to make decorated Valentine mailboxes, covered with little bits of tissue paper formed on the end of our pencils, and get so many fun cards and pieces of candy.  I can almost taste the little candy hearts we'd get in the envelopes.  Yum.

Anyone else remember Valentines fondly?  What do you do with your grandkids for Valentines?


~Kc Waddell said...

You described elementary school Valentine's Days perfectly! You brought back such nice memories for me. I do remember our mailboxes and of course it was important to get lots of cards! Good Ole Days!

But they haven't really changed that much. The little cards are a bit more commercial but at least in 1st grade they made mailboxes and everyone walked around putting cards in them! I'm anxious to see what they do this year.

Webgrandma said...

One thing I appreciate these days is that the kids are required to give everyone a valentine. It's so nice that they can all count on getting lots.

Susan Adcox said...

I'm about to help a grandson address his Pirates of the Caribbean valentines. The characters may have changed, but the other basics of the valentine ritual remain the same!