Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Two Favorite TV Shows

I've already mentioned one of my current favorites, Downton Abbey.  It's a soap opera for those who like their action slow-moving and their heroines with a stiff upper lip. World War I, beautiful costumes, upstairs/'s just great stuff.

My other particular favorite is Swamp People, and my favorite person on the show is Liz, the working mom/gator hunter.  She's the one who shoots the alligators, after she and her partner track them down.  Troy, the guy who pulls the string, is always yelling at her to "Shoot it, Elizabeth, shoot it!"  She just keeps her cool, and takes the shot when it comes around.  For some reason, I especially admire her well-worn Frontier City ball cap.  She manages to be a great mom, and a kick-butt gator hunter. 

I mentioned on Facebook a week or so ago that I'm a true member of both the 99 and the 1.  I think my two favorite TV shows back this up.  If you're looking for some 99% entertainment, I'd highly recommend Swamp People.*

Note to my daughter:  Do not, repeat, do not watch this show.  I know you hate alligators, and even the stuffed ones at Cabelas freak you out.  This is not a good program for you.  For everyone else, check it out.

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