Friday, January 20, 2012

A Great Birthday Weekend

Baby Loves Her Cake and Went At It Face First
Whew, what a weekend we had this past weekend!  The baby turned 1, and we all trekked to Kansas City for her birthday party.  We picked up the 4-year-old from school, enjoyed an afternoon with her and her superspy stuffed kitty, Cat McMissile, picked up the older one from school, and headed out.  We watched DVDs (everyone except Papa, who was driving), stopped off at Emporia for some Freddy's, and got to KC in time for bed.  Then, we started the whirlwind weekend of partying.

Baby loved her cake, as did the 30 people who also attended.  Her party theme was "Hungry Little Caterpillar" and it was adorable.  She had three baby friends come to play, and they had fun too.
Pretty Cake Her Mom Made

My parents and son also came for the day on Saturday, so it was a full house.  On Sunday, we all got up and went to church, and then trekked back home to Wichita for some rest! 

What a joy to participate in a birthday like this - being a grandparent is really so much fun.


~Kc Waddell said...

The cake is awesome! And being a Grandma -- well that is really the best job ever! It is wonderful that you got to be there.

Webgrandma said...

Yeah, that hungry little caterpillar was such a cute theme, and the cake turned out gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by.